Crystal Extasy is a rock band from Finland. The band has played around hundred live gigs. The members are known from different bands. Singer / guitarist Mickey Crane has been playing in Michael Monroe & Andy McCoy Hanoi Rocks Revisited back in 2001 and before that has been a guitarist of Michael Monroe band. Tommy is known from the band called Rendez Vous and backing vocalist Maya was the lead singer of the band called Deathlike Silence. Bass player Lulu and rhythm guitarist Johnny have been playing in several local bands.

In 1997, four young guys started Crystal Ecstasy. First line-up consisted of: Mickey, Timmy, T.C., and Sam. They released their first 5-track cd/ep in 1998, called “Part of this sacred dream”. The cd was sold out pretty quickly. The band has been active till 1999 when they decided to take a year break due of line-up changes.
Crystal Extasy had a fresh new start in early 2000 and they acquired a small, but cult following. In 2002, they released a 2nd cd called “Back on your planet”, which had good reviews.

Crystal Extasy has opened for several big Finnish and foreign acts, such as The Hellacopters, Egotrippi, Michael Monroe, The 69 Eyes, Apulanta, etc.

Crystal Ecstasy 1999
Crystal Ecstasy 1999 / from left to right: Mickey, Sam, Timmy, T.C 

Crystal Extasy 2001

Crystal Extasy 2001 / from left to right:
Maya, Joska, Mickey, Presley (Miki), Salaud

Crystal Extasy’s own shows have also attracted the crowd, and during the years, they have built a considerable and loyal fan base.

Crystal Extasy decided to take another break in 2003, when they played a sold-out farewell gig. The break lasted for four years until the band made a comeback at the DBTL festival’s main stage. In the following two years, the band had played a couple of gigs but the magic was not there. After another break, the band came back in 2012 with a fresh line-up. In April 2013, Crystal Extasy went into studio for the first time since 2001. In July 2013 the band released 2-track CD single “Walls are crashing in”. The rest is yet to come…

crystal extasy_fb

Crystal Extasy 2012 / from left to right:
Tommy, Johnny, Mickey, Maya, Lulu

THE BAND since 2012:

MICKEY CRANE – lead vocals & lead guitar
LULU – bass & bac.voc
JOHNNY – guitar & bac.voc.
TOMMY – drums
MAYA – backing vocals